presentation of the scientific council

The scientific council of the College, in addition to the Dean, the president of the scientific council of the faculty, Professor Khalil Abd Rezzak, is composed of the following members:

- Vice Dean.

Heads of departments.

- Heads of scientific committees of departments.

- Representatives (2) elected from among the professors of each department.

- Library Administrator.

The scientific council of the college expresses its points of view and recommendations as follows:

- Organization and content of education.

- Organization of research work.

- Proposal of research programs.

- Propose the creation or closure of divisions, divisions, units and research laboratories.

- The proposal to open people after graduation and expand and / or close and determine the number of vacancies.

- Specifications and needs of teachers.

The scientific council of the college is responsible for:

- Adoption of research topics after graduation and suggests committees to discuss.

- Propose university rehabilitation committees.

- Study the results of the college's pedagogical and scientific activities sent by the college dean to the university director, along with the recommendations of the council and its recommendations.