Pedagogical Publication

Pedagogical handout: Management of International Information Systems (SII). 3rd level of master option (E.D.I) -Dr.DJEBAR YACINE

Computer Science 2 Courses and Exercises in Polycopied Algorithms for 2nd Year Bachelor Students  in Economics, Commercial , and Management Sciences -Dr. KELAIAIA AS

Lectures on the Measure of Bankruptcy and Judicial Settlement -Dr .berahlia zoubir
Printed Lectures in the Scale of Funding the Institution for the Students of the First Year Master of Science in Management (Institutional Finance) - Dr. Salim Majlakh
Lectures in Production and Operations Management Addressed to the Third Year Students Business Administration - Dr. Rafik Zarawla
Printed in Scale: Public Accounting Lectures in Public Accounting - Dr. mayache nesrine
Printed Lectures in Macro-economics Lectures and Exercises- Dr. Samia Omar Abda
Lectures in Exchange Rate Economics-Dr.selaimia.drifa  

Publication Lessons in the Strategic Marketing Scale for Third Year Bachelor of Marketing - Dr.Djeribi sebtti

Pedagogical Publication in Statistics Scale 3 Level ; Second year  first semester-


Printed in Scale: Marketing Services For Students in the  Third Year Specialty: Marketing- Dr.belbakhari.sami
Lessons in the Basics of Human Resources Management for the Third Year Students Human Resources Management (Branch of Management Sciences)- Dr. bouressace.widad
Lessons in the Management of Creativity and Innovation For the Second Year Students Master of Business Administration - Dr. soudani.ahlem
Printed in the Institution's Mathematics Scale- Dr. bendjeloul.khaled

Lectures in Banking Economics –Dr.gherda.abdelouahed


Lectures in Monetary Economics and Capital Market - Dr.boukemoum.mohamed


Lectures in Quantitative Techniques - Dr. saouli.mourad


Publication of Finance and International Trade- Dr.kharouf mounir


Publication of International Economic Organizations - Dr.bouaziz nacer


Publication of Exchange Rates - Dr. smaali.faouzi


Publication of Financial Globalization-Dr.smaali.faouzi


Lectures in Deep Banking Economics -Dr. bencheikh.toufik


Publication of the Stock Exchange and Securities-Dr.merimet adila


Publication of the Financial Management - Dr. bourdima.saida


Lessons in Analytical Accounting – Dr.tebaibia salima