general Secretariat


Speech of the secretary general of the college:

Greetings to all students, teachers and staff members, as well as to all men and women who wish to serve this beloved homeland, the homeland of martyrs and heroic Mujahideen, and we appeal to the hands of our students  to carry their honesty and walk on their path and raise the challenges to face all dangers that threaten our society and mortgaging our future, and this can be only through science and diligence: let us make our faculty a model, a beacon of science and a path for all who want to succeed.


We ask Allah to repay and reconcile all students, teachers and staff memebers.

general Secretariat :segouali noureddine 


Phone number:+213 30 72 84 83

Phone number: 06 69 36 58 66

functions of the general secretariat of the faculty:

- Prepare the draft plan for the management of human resources of the faculty and ensure its implementation.

-  Conducte a career path for employees of the faculty.

- Ensure the functioning of the archives and the documentation of the College and maintain them.

- Prepare the faculty's draft budget and ensure its implementation.

- Promote the scientific, cultural and sports activities for students.

- Conducte movable and real estate means for the faculty and ensure their maintenance.

- Ensure the implementation of the faculty’s internal security system

The interests of the general secretariat of the college

1. User’s service.

2. budget and accounting service.

3 - service of means and maintenance.

4 - service of scientific, cultural and sports activities.