Library Information

Library Information:

,Hello all readers, with a passion for knowledge and a lover to expand knowledge and renew information
The library is the lighthouse of reader and study, professor and researcher interested in science and present at the faculty level, one of the most important libraries of the university of May 8, 1945 Guelma, which meets most needs the faculty family as well as visitors from other national universities.
The library:
1- proposes and acquires useful academic documentation.
2- Maintenance of documentation and reserves the annual inventory.
3- Organize the documentary background using the latest methods of technical treatment, arrangement and classification.
4- Fix the conditions of use of the documentary fund by the readers.
5- Assists readers in their bibliographic research.
The library is composed of:
1-Service orientation and bibliographic research.
2-Service external loan.
The doors of the library opened to readers on November 15, 2005, it is led by a team of university librarians who are:
         - Librarian responsible for the extension of second level university libraries.
- 03 Research Associate of the First Level University Libraries
 - 09 University Library Research Assistants.
 - 01 Technical assistance for university libraries.
The library has
A- 02 reading rooms over 320 seats
B- 10 computers dedicated to bibliographic research for readers.
The library offers its services without interruption, from Sunday to Thursday from 8h to 16h.
Except on Fridays and Saturdays as weekend and period of annual leave.
  The library contains 12,460 titles, including 6391 in Arabic and 2030.
1304 Master thesis 2.
 An important collection of encyclopedias:
33 Encyclopedia in Arabic.
12 Encyclopedias in French.
 70 Dictionaries in Arabic.
9 Dictionaries in Latin.
65 National and international magazines on economics, including 42 titles in Latin and 25 titles in Arabic for a total of 526 issues.
The total number of titles in Arabic and Latin is 8413
The total number of copies in Arabic and Latin books is 55056 copies.
In addition official newspaper of 1962 to 1985, in addition to the year 2006.
All these titles are subject to the standard library management information system (SYNGEB) adopted by our university.